Whats gone on before 29th August 2011

Three Days Ago

WoW(not warcraft), yesterday was fun inquisitive ymx Today I woke up with a blast: or I meant I slept at 12, started getting sms right from there got about 12 within the first hour, feeling very excited, I stuggled to sleep, by one o clock, I was awake again, more messages in, feeling really happy again, I struggled to sleep and woke up every hour till it was 5. Woke up officially @ five, eyes seriously itching, guess who sent me the first message?(Opeyemi Lasore)... →Looks like I've reached today's limit

Two Days Ago

Well its been mixed fun, pain, pleasure and any other opposites you can think of... MY Birthday: That day was the best birthday I've ever had, I mean over 100 people wished me well, I was feeling on top of the world. To think that a day before, I was just ordinary, today I feel like a superstar. My office folks made it even more exciting: gave me a cake on that day, Otito even sent an sms to warm the day up for me.... (The Good) I carried the Half-eaten cake in a Big White Box on a bike → A Black and Yellow bus → Another Bike and finally Home.... (The Ugly) I called Tolulope to remind her about that day and ended up talking for 8mins(did I mention I'm on IT?), Had to tell ymx a piece of the cake... (The Bad) Anyways Lets go to whats really gone on before... This month's been great, sort of uneventful but great, Joined a company Terragon(As a programmer: I don't think you need all the details here) Think I'm gonna stop here... Should continue this evening