Whats gone on before 23rd August 23, 2011

Hi, miss me? It has been over a year since my last post

Otito otito… o ti shi ara re le... when she got me to talk

That was my mom’s statement to me. Did I also mention that this was the first time I’ll have a session of advice with my mum, I mean I literarily poured my story out to her and she came up with some pretty cool workarounds. Why am I writing? What happened this evening? First I received news about an earthquake that hit the DC area of Virginia and split the building… I called a very good friend of mine who I care about just to find out how she is doing I also called another friend of mine that we had a 3 days relationship, I mean that call was fun. The main events: 1. I was feeling love and decided to call the one closest to me. Tolulope is a very VERY good friend of mine, I mean we really think like each other so anytime I’m feeling down, she is the closest person who understands what I’m going through.

Exit Main TOLULOPE:

She is a girl I met at one of my tutorial sessions; I liked her cute shyness immediately I met her and tried to break through her shell. We talked that night and got to know more about each other. I mean deeply more (nothing physical if that’s what you are thinking). Anyways, we met in school and I did some career counseling which she really appreciated. This is the first time I actually met someone I connected with so I was all over her (I guess). As weeks ran, we got closer and see each other more (often talking about our deepest and darkest secrets). Then I told her about the deepest of all OTITO… Yeah you know that entire story any ways, we were having a valentine’s party with Truth and dare/ iced cream and vodka. I invited her and the dynamic started. Yimika meets Tolu and she likes him. I encouraged the relationship even though I had a deeper attachment to Tolu, I just wanted the best for her and if it was Yimika, then so be it.


Now I’ve been doing a lot to make myself more attractive to the females (I like girls… don’t ask why) including building my confidence… The part I didn’t say was that I was doing all that for OTITO… Now the story unfolds and I discover my mind is hooked to Otito but I sincerely care about Tolu. Wanted to be true so I told Tolu (I shouldn’t have but I did) tell her the Otito episode and that sort of created a stronger bnd between me and Tolulope.

Anyways Exit My Life

  1. I called Tolulope: Over the past three weeks, I’ve been trying to ask Otito out up to no avail so I tried an experiment… Tolu. I called her and asked her out (surprisingly easy for me). She didn’t feel convinced and I was dying for her to say “yes” so I can leave Otito alone anyways, there was no answer. I didn’t feel basd or anything, we just kept on talking and then Enter virus OTITO 3. We talked about Otito (She’s a really good girl, just a virus in my mind). We talked about how much I love Otito, I really do and then told me I could have asked Otito out instead. We talked and talked and talked and more and more and I hung up 4. I called Bisoye: she also played a great part in my relationships (The first Girl I kissed) anyways, I said Hi, we had fun and I hung up 5. I called Otito: Now really nervous, I asked her to be my girlfriend…. 6. Response: She ain’t ready for a relationship (I didn’t ask why… my mistake)… but my big break. I was free, I have faced my worse fear, the chains are broken, no more official mid hold (I think… It has happened before) 7. My actions: I was overjoyed, the joy was radiating all around me so what did I do, I told my mum a story… Did I mention Otito was the first Girl I met on campus?


I sat down with my mum, my lil brother Tiwa, Sola Amusan and Sola Igbasan and began my tale I talked on how I met her, how I fell in love with her, how I followed her all around places but she really helped me grow. I talked about how I met Tolulope (Sweet Angel) and about the things we share in common I told her about rHEMA campus Fellowship and my activities there, about how I joined Harvest place, about how I asked her out and for the first time, She told me a couple of truths 1. Stay among a lot of people… Don’t avoid the noise. 2. You need a lot of friends… Look for them and keep the great ones 3. Are you ready to get settled? 4. Awon Omo Agba logbon lati calm awon situations