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What to do when you do not feel like programming

so Hello  :)

If you are like me, you have a programming Job and you are expected to crank a thousand of lines of code everyday. You have been doing it and you enjoy it. You might just have made the entire system speed increase by a factor of Two or 10 (That's incredible).. I sure Envy you. But now you are wondering, You want to know why you ae staring that the screen in front of you, or if you one of us with ADHD them, you are furiously browsing through webpages, Honking at new entries on StackOverflow, or are you just Reading up the latest way to design websites.
If this story is like sounds like you, then you are in luck. I am in the exact position as you are now and I feel we could learn a lot from each other.

So what do I want to learn from you?

Everything, Tell me what you have been working on, tell me about your current zgig, I'm sure you've got one. If you are confused about what a Gig is, you can check out my new blog post on what a gig on medium (I promise to write about this in the next post).

So what should you learn from me?

Learn to write.
Learn not to follow my writing style
Learn to Hide your blogpost from your Boss (Don't get fired for writing gizmos)
Learn to Write the First thing on your mind
Learn to Ignore the next First thing you think off
Learn to complete your sentences (nothing sucks more than incomplete sense)
Learn to share what you write
Learn to add a picture to your writing (It makes people happy when reading your post)
Learn to use your own voice (It is what echoes in your readers mind)

Well That's it from me :)