What’s gone on before 28th September 2010?

Today began for me with a jolt. It seems like a day with a lot of activities and I’m hoping that I make the best use of opportunities that come my way today. So help me God. I can’t but remember my friend Folayemi, whose mother recently died in a car crash, I pray that God will give her the strength to keep holding and see her to the end. I also hope that she keeps on loving God for who He is, not minding the circumstances around her.
Its 11:43 pm and I’ve had a lot of memories from today. Yimika is here giving me a lot of his past memories, I’m jealous but he’s my friend and the best I can do is support him even when I get bored or jealous or uncomfortable. He said that message blew him off. Yeah that’s crazy to know that most of what is written here is not really my life but just me either talking about someone or reacting to someone’s opinions