What’s gone on before 27th September 2010

To Lie in state
This morning, I woke up early and wanted t get out of bed to find something to do but I ended up giving myself a thousand and one reasons why I should not stand up. Then I decided to do my quiet time, the same thing happened. Yimika received a call from a girlfriend whose boyfriend has not been calling; I just decided to call the girl I love. A lot of things crept through my mind. I did not know what to say so I ended up not making that call. Anyways I wanted to ask Yimika what to type in a message but so many things in my head prevented me from doing so. But when I choose to document this tale of my woes, wow, I could not find a reason to stop me. It is just like my first bad habit that makes me sell myself short. I had a lot of good Ideas this morning, but over-indulgence in my computer kept me from doing any of this. I mean I spend more time preventing myself from taking a task than actually doing it. I hope a lot of people like me get to read this and really understand what they are doing to themselves without realizing the consequences. Today is Sunday, December 26 2010. I rest from all this woes to pick up something reasonable to do.