What’s gone on before 16th September, 2010

Life is a lot less fun when nobody around you shares the same views or even supports your opinions. I never thought that I was that different until today everyone’s opinion was read out and only mine attracted a big BOO… I went back to my friends place and everyone; I mean literally everyone was against everything I said. One tried to take the turn of events to his advantage, while the other simply followed his leader’s directive. I noticed that most people I lead never reach their true potential. The third which I see as the smartest just kept quiet and watched the turn of events only responding to scenarios of high intelligence. Anyways I’ve always put a lot of blame on myself. First I tried to get confidence through books and the bulk of information that I processed, and then I tried to get self-esteem from the girl I really love deeply. And now I have to understand interpersonal relationship and to prevent nobody from pulling my strings. I just got a big break. I’ll simply be the best at what I do. At least for now, that is the decision that I will rest in.
Its evening and I’m almost going to bed. All day, a lot of my assumptions are actually correct and now I have to take charge of my life. It is time to