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Welcome to My Blog

What will you find here?

Stories / Experiences that I have gathered over time. Some of them will contain jokes on love, others might be on software engineering. It might also be about politics, I am looking to see what this small head can dream about.

A little about me

Very little is known about the phenomenon called me. I enjoy writing simple API interfaces, creating neat abstractions between software components. By neat abstractions, I don't mean the Gang of four patterns or some other awesome design pattern you must have heard of. Okies, we'd continue that later.

So I think that design thinking holds the key to creating the next generation software, and I am dedicated to becoming an expert product designer. Half way into that dedication, I am studying machine learning principles on Udacity. should take another 10months or so to completely master - according to my teachers can't wait.

What rants will you see here

  • Design thinking
  • Software design
  • Machine learning
  • Sometimes algorithms
  • Developer communities - I especially love them

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If it ain't broken, don't break it

That should be it dear friend - let me know what you think :)