Starting up a blog in Africa, you better read this

Today I choose to write about blogging in Nigeria. I’ve been involved in setting up a couple dozen blogs and one of the things I hear from the owners is how can I place adverts on my blog, how can I make money from that blog. Here’s a much common one. How do I get traffic to my blog? I mean if I had good traffic, I’d be making a lot of cash. Now let me share a couple of experiences in blogging. I’ll start with my personal favorite, my secret blog

Some time back, I felt I had a pretty interesting story and I wanted a couple of folks to read about it so I decided to setup my blog on blogspot. I felt the name blogspot was pretty cool at that time. So I went with . Then I entered my very first blogging experiment. I made a couple of posts and was waiting for Google to magically locate my blog and make it available for the world to see. I mean what are search engines for? Still waiting for the search engine magic I was when I discovered that blogger supported Google Adsense. I was super trilled to discover that I could make some cash from blogger. I set up adsense on my blog. I was really proud to see ads running. I mean who doesn’t love a potential stream of wealth. So I “really expectant”, waited for Google to do their magic. I waited three weeks, no three months, did I say three years. Yes three years. And what did I

Google will not magically show people your site because you think you’ve got great content

If you think Google's gonna do that for you, please let me have your opinion. I'm actually willing to pay anyone who can prove this to me.

Now can you tell me what is wrong with this blog?