Relationships: A beginner’s View. Friend or Foe

Most successful relationships usually start from the guy initiating a spark which the girl misinterprets. She sends back confusing signals that makes the guy even more eager. The girl even reads more and out of insecurity, shows her real feelings and hides again trying to hold back her girly pride. This goes on until everything explodes in one big blast.
A beginner, one who missed a lot of growing up, someone who’s social life has suffered terribly at the expense of other life angles so my definition of a beginner is someone who is really gifted(and has cultivated this talent) but missed out on some major parts his life. He then meets a really special girl, he could be a really great guy under that shy shell but he is yet to explore outside his shell. This girl might be aware of his intentions but is waiting for him to make his move. Assuming this girl has serious positive emotions, will she wait for the guy to grow up knowing she loses an inch of her natural beauty every passing day, or will she walk away when a really mature guy comes and sweeps her off her feet.
I think I should clarify one point at this time. What is love?
Is it those tiny butterflies in your stomach when you see that very special person?
Is it that feeling of having a happily ever after,
Is it that that thing that both partners share, nature for a really long time,
Come to think of it, love exist everywhere, that feeling of always wanting to do something good for someone, between two parties of a relationship, it always start as infatuation and grows slowly as you gain your partners trust . It slowly results in a state when you can almost predict your partner’s behavior, and the two of you are ready to be tied at the altar. Let’s take a stroll back in Time, I mean into fairy tales. Nearly all fairy tales have a prince charming and a princess in distress. To have a happily ever after, the prince has to do whatever it takes to get to his princess and then rescue her form that great dragon and then sweep her off her feet with true love’s first kiss. How true is all I have written? Coming back to our time, you need to do what it takes to find out a major problem your partner is facing. Then you conquer that problem, try to be a shoulder to lean on and finally sweep her off her feet with something really romantic, take a vacation to somewhere off the chart, stop and smell the roses
It is Always Worth the Stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!