MY Story So Far

Today 25th June 2009 is like every other day. I was woken this morning to prepare the living room for the house owner’s meeting scheduled for 0700 today. Koyinsola just came to borrow my external hard drive; I’m writing this to reduce boredom I mean I’ve been trying to learn c# for ages and now I’m tired. I’m 19, Nigerian, brilliant but not intelligent, I will say I’m reserved, more importantly, my name is Tomiwa. I’m in my second year in College, I’ve never been kissed, I’m always scared of hugs, never had sex and I have a crush on a girl(name withheld).
A lot has gone since the school closed down temporarily, I’m taking Oracle lessons in school and even though I’m not totally interested in oracle, I have to pass it because my mom paid for the course. I intend to have my MCPD before I’m out of school and I’m looking at another 3yrs. From all what I’ve been writing, I think I do sound like a nerd, better still half of one, like I said I’m real scared of social activities, my academics are still not as high as I expect it to be (now I’m going to all this boring stuff again). Ok down to business.
There are three girls in my life (I think!). Let us start from the one that has practically no idea or never mind. I’ll let you know about any advancement. Lets’ talk about Latunde
She is easy going, collected, reserved, motherly, understanding, religious (although she left that for me),morally ok she does not have a very good academic standing (We are in the same department ), I’ve always had my eyes up on her since my first year second semester. We became friends after a little chat in physics class, she asked me to take her through what I knew about computers, you know programming and other boring stuff. I started seeing her and that’s pretty much all about her. I forgot, she is 3yrs older than me and is presently not in any relationship.
She is more out -going when compared with Latunde. We are also in the same department. I don’t know why I have a flair for computer science girls. She’s 21; fair, pretty, fun to be with. She has three friends she is always around. Believe me Joke is one of everything I want in a girl except a few. The school has been closed down for about four weeks and three days. Her birthday was on the second week of the strike. I didn’t attend it even though she asked me to come and I gave her my word, all because I was scared to ask my guardian to let me off that night. Hey I know I act like a kid but that is just the way I am. Joke school for home a week after her birthday. She came back to town after a week or so. I told her I will check on her but some things always keep me from checking by, after some days, she stopped calling.
Back to Tomiwa
In school I had three roommates in my first year. Two are cousins, the third and I stay with the same Guardians who are parents to one of the earlier. Yimika and Tayo are cousins, Funmilola is Yimika’s sister Femi and I are close friends and together we are all very good friends who tell each other everything except the most important ones.
Yimika is one of the two children of the Prof. Fagbenro and his wife. He has a strong sense of business and a big mouth to complement that. He is the vice president of DAFRENS entertainment (An entertainment club in F.u.T.a. Yimika has a really good side (He can make any girl feel real good by talking to them) I’ll comment “He is a true but ironic sanguine” Like a sanguine, he has some major weakness but I’ll focus on his strengths. Second year second semester, Yimika met yet another computer science chick in her first year and He said and I quote” She’s not the kind of girl I would have gone out with but I have no regrets”. I think I will walk you through Toyin

Sorry for the slight diversion!

Toyin is a really nice girl, she’s not one of those hot chicks but she has hips to die for. She is one of the most wanted freshman girls. Yimika enjoys the chase far more than the catch and like a wise old man once told me, the bigger the chase the higher catch…………….

I’m really happy to go to church (Yeah Right). It’s just that I don’t really enjoy going to church anymore, it’s not that, but from what I’ve noticed, Church just has a very boring session which seems to last forever although everybody around me has found a way to make boring seem interesting.
This morning I woke up around 07:30 but I acted like I was asleep for over three hours hoping that the thought of going to church would soon come and go. My room is really untidy, as you can see (even though you can’t see em’) all my clothes are hooked on a single chair and the only one that isn’t rumpled is the one that I plan wearing to church I f everybody is actually going to go. At 09:25 exactly, I have taken my bath but I’ still not ready to go to church. My roommate Yimika has a weakness of oversleeping, not that he just woke up but he is doing his early morning devotion which I had done an hour earlier. He has not cleaned up for the day. I think that brings me back to last night. ……………..
You were hoping that things really exciting would have happened to me last night but I’ll skip the boring part of myself and write about my friend Yimika and his girl friend(Toyin). Every night calls are really cheap on the glo-network so this is one the most romantic times Yimika spends with toyin. 23:59 toyin demands a sms (Not just any one but one where you expect Yimika to further prove his ‘love’ for her with.) I don’t think I will again bore you with the details but here is what it really looks like……………………..

From Yimika
Now back to the whole story, Toyin surely felt on top of the world for that one, but one law about the, the more you crave for things like that, the less the trills as Yimika will soon be out of words. Let’s save that for later shall we. Its 09:37 I think I’ll continue later, it’s raining….
..The rain has stopped and now I have to go to church (something I think I hate doing).
I’m back from church and I’m bored again, I’ll go on and eat now I hope something interesting happens.
I finished eating two hours ago, A couple of girls came to the house even to my room to watch movies on Yimika’s Laptop, well Shy me couldn’t even say HI!!, when am I going to get over this?.......................

Today is Thursday 30th august, It’s been three days since I wrote down anything, not that I had a lot of reasonable things to do it’s just, you know I wasn’t in the mood. Two days ago was Toyin’s birthday, Yimika really stunned her, and he got 10 of his friends to wish her happy birthday, and pulled a couple of pranks. I think it is time you know about Gboyega (o.k. Gbogs). Gboyega is Yimika’s childhood friend, having attended the same high school for 3 yrs and spent 2 yrs in college, I’ll say that they are pretty close and along came a spider. Gboyega is not someone who is known to have had serious relationships. I rest it there, he met Toyin before Yimika and was even the one that introduced Yimika to her, at first, he said he did not have plans for her, Yimika took up the task and went on with the relationship, so they started spending time together. When it became rather obvious, Gbogs indicates his interest saying he had plans to be serious with her, I think Gbogs was too jealous and that led to friction between Yimika and himself. He said he really planned on settling with her. But to prove his seriousness, he forgot her birthday.
Today I went to school I met Otito a really sweet girl with a complicated past. Things did not go too with Yimika today, He went to a friend’s place and he met Gbogs there, gbogs was like “You better leave this girl” and Yimika was like “Guy you said you were not interested in this chick”. Things got really fucked up. Gbogs fucked up today I wasn’t there but one catch phrase from gbogs “Payback is a bitch”. From Gboyega, Toyin does not know what she just missed!”How arrogant!!!” I’m feeling dizzy, I’ll continue some other time…………...

Today is Saturday, well I don’t have much writing juice in me, today is passing as one big blur, I’m supposed to have my oracle class today but I could not just because I had no clothes, segun will be really mad at me, because I have to give him his mts101 handout and also my hard disk case. Now let’s skip the boring part. Deji (A special friend of the family came by today) you know he left us with jokes for the rest of the weekend…………….
Today is Thursday, I initially planned visiting Otito, and I don’t have the direction to her house so I’m gonna stay at home. Let me walk you through all that has happened do far. Gboyega is in ado and wants to see Toyin, Everyone is trying to avoid complications, everyone except Gboyega, Looking closely, who is acting immature, I’ll leave that to you……………..
I’ve again skipped a lot of details but as at today Sunday the 9th of August 2009, I now spend a lot of money on calling Otito, I really don’t know why I suddenly took interest in her, Most people told me she is a bad girl gone good, but since I started College, She has not shown any signs of being bad, anyways, she is the kind of girl that can rearrange by life, you know she’s independent, she’s got a dream. I’ll say I love her because she’s got her own, She’s funny, lively, SCARY and yet can pull all my string together to make a perfect rhythm, I’ll add, being with her has given my life a new look, more importantly, I’ve moved closer to God……………………..
Today Is Monday, 10th August 2009, Its 12:46, Yesterday night I spoke with a couple of classmates, Toyin really frustrated Yimika, The part I can remember, The light in the house got burnt at around 8:30 yesterday night, we tried fixing it and after a couple of failed attempts, we retired to bed. It was 10:30, Yimika is trying to occupy himself so he will still be awake by 12:00am today, So we just kept talking about virtually everything, I went bed early and Yimika tried calling Toyin by 12:00am this morning, she at first picked the call and then hung up after about 30s. The initial agreement was that they will talk all through the night, when Yimika narrated the story to me, I assumed Toyin was having a mood swing, but Yimika could not hold himself, He wanted to help her out of it so he tried again, she picked the call and later hung up. By 1:30 she buzzed him, so he tried again, this time she told him to call back in another 30mins turned 1 hr 30mins and even when she finally decided to talk, she spoke for barely 3 minutes and hung up again, Yimika could not take this again so he went to bed angry. The most annoying part is Toyin called Yimika this morning around 10:30 to apologize (not like she won’t do it again!!). I’m in the school premises, I’ll continue when I get home. Oh sorry about that I meant when next I feel like………………….
Today is well I’ve lost track of date, In Ymx’s house, we have a new inmate, She’s this kind of girl who will do just about anything for you but in return places her entire burden on you, what I mean is that she comes to the house, the next minute, she’s doing all sorts of nice things for me, I not much of a talkative so I can’t keep anyone laughing for long, I usually run out of jokes especially when I’ve determined to move closer to God, I fear that she may cause me to commit a really nasty sin which I might not forgive myself for. This night I was watching a movie, and I was able to bring out what I want from my perfect Girlfriend…….
Today people say holds much, you only get as much as it gives you. I left for Lagos yesterday and now I’m in my mom’s office, It could be interesting or be a whole new definition of boring. I’ll let you in on any interesting details
Today Saturday 22nd August, three days to my birthday, I’m in my house, the place I call home is nothing like what I want it to be, It’s not like I want a rich and expensive home, all I want is a tidy house, I keep trying but no one seems to be cooperating, my mum, sister and brother still stick to the old fashioned method of house cleaning, it keeps annoying me but I guess there is nothing I can do about it, I wish I can return to the school environment because I think my body prefers the an alien environment to the true one. I don’t know why but I’ve not been productive at all this holiday. I’ve been at home for 5 days, I came to Lagos with 3500 and now I’m left with 3000 no increment at all, now I don’t know how to convince my mum to allow me go back to school. I know she’s definitely not going to allow me. So far nothing interesting has happened at home and my learning curve seems to be dropping