My interpretation of the 12 rules

  1. I want to feel like I am confident with the image of my present self. This means I am able to express my present self to its fullest form with confidence, regardless of the weaknesses that I am aware of
  2. I want to give myself advice and hope that I follow them. I want to recruit myself as my therapist, mentor and sponsor
  3. I want to be social. To make meaningful relationships with the people. These people have to make one part of my life better by their association.
  4. I want to reflect on yesterday. To identify items that I could use as goals for today
  5. When I am responsible for people, I want to be honest with them, speak truth that will propel them forward regardless of how I feel
  6. I want to change things that are directly within my control regardless of how hard they seem before setting out to change things in others
  7. I want to decide on what is meaningful and rewire my reward circuits to feast on them
  8. I want to speak my truth always
  9. I want to listen more to people. This means that I kill the idea of zodiac and personality preselection in my mind, and really look outward rather than inward
  10. I want to be eloquent in my speech. This means that I tell the surrounding story even if I choose to hit the nail on the head. More practically, describing the nail, the head and the hammer
  11. When people take risks, I want to be able to leave them alone, even when I am inclined to feel like their actions are reckless with unintended consequences
  12. I want to appreciate the things around me: from beauty and art to success and effort so that I am comfortable when people attribute these to me.