My 100 days of code challenge

Today is January 1, 2017, and I accept the challenge to commit 1hr a day to writing publicly available code to improve my self as an engineer, and also help everyone who is new / struggling.

I will be documenting my progress on github. I choose github because that is where a lot of open source projects are hosted. In my code, I aim keep it as simple and as educative as possible. In that way, I can strike a healthy balance between challenging and educational.

Many of the code I will be writing might be generated from IDEs - an example would be the storyboards / xib files. Some might be data driven - You'll find this when I am working on machine learning / data science challenges. Others would be in a plain general purpose language like python.

I also intend to write healthy volumes of READMEs, because I want to get better at writing and expressing/articulating detail.

If all goes well, in 100days, I would take 1 day to celebrate this, and more than likely try to convince 100 people to try out this challenge. Now you don't have to wait for my 100days, you can also start this challenge today. Kallaway has a healthy getting started guide which I am following.

Much Regards

Tomiwa Ijaware

Not much is known about Tomiwa, however, information indicate that he is a software engineer that leans on the collective wisdom of open source giants. At night, he studies machine learning.

Lagos, Nigeria

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