Today, I was really excited when I was leaving my house for shoprite. I mean that was my first time in a big super store where food could be cheap and yet classy and the thought of me meeting a lot of people gourgeously dress thrilled me.
Got into a black and yellow taxi and off I went to this super-store. On getting there, the network was down, I could not place a call through to my collegue. I waited a while and then I took a bold step into shoppers haven... The Land flowing with milk, chocolates, perfumed with the finest scent from coloured bottles of different sizes and adorned with the fines garments and ornaments from Dubai. It was a beautifu sight.
Lights from the store... It was heavenly(at least while the surprise lasted..)
I took the first step, then another and I was walking along the long corridor. It wasn't long before I noticed the automatic stairs
...Skip the Fantasy...
Finally Got a call through to my collegue, waited another 15mins and I was at KFC waiting patiently for the couple
My collegues arrival made me happy cause I had a good look at his kindle
Linda's arrival got me hungry cos she ordered food for herself alone.
Anyways, I was the developer to integrate Linda's blog with twinpine network... earn her some extra cash
Put My pc on to get the code I had worked on for some time and MTN (to my utter dismay) fucked up (as usual). They best signal I could receive was edge(you know the 2.5G Network thing). So I watched as Linda devored (maybe savored) each delicious (I didn't taste it) morsel of chips and a mountain of something I'm not familiar with