it ends with @oxytesa

You know, it has been a while since x wrote his mind. Right now, I'm in the front seat of an E.O.D. Under the hot sun, waiting on a friend. i've got my hommies. He looks pretty confused and he knows it. This situation makes me remember myself two nights ago.
Two nights ago
i am terribly bored, sad, restless, dissapointed. The fact that i chickened out on what could have been the highest point of my day. Anyways, I had this jolt for adventure and needed someone to satisfy this hunger. I called this busty chick, told her I was coming to her hostel. She was excited, didn't know why though. It was the first time I was visiting the new hostel and it looked like a cool time to see friends. First I got a place to crash then I was off to enjoy the night. my buddy @wandechris called on a friend and he was off in no time. I chilled with em' boys in front of the hostel while I awaited her arrival.
Date Begins:::
Excited at the way things were going at first, we took a wallk, she bored me with her load of crap. Next we went inside to talk, I kept asking myxelf, was it just me or was this girl booty with no brains??
Mid date crisis
drinks?? I ask'd::: I'll have viju milk and suya... K no problems. Got the drink then she told me that is her fourth bottle today. Now who in his right senses (thinking with his brains not balls) will want to be with this kind of chick
anyways, the date was a disaster. At that point, all my thinking zoned in my screw up with triple O. Then I remembered @oxytesa.
@oxytesa or she_flirt like she calls herself
she's a nice girl, always a lot of fun plus She can really understand me.
i called her up and she made up for all the downs that day brought