It doesn’t takes a testimony to know God exist

In my life, I’ve depended on books for knowledge on how to win people. I’ve tried a lot of things from manipulating people to giving a lot of people that I really want to help them but in the real sense I just wanted to exploit them. I claim to do a lot of things for people but all I real care about is I.
Then everything changed when a friend of mine got sick. This is not tiny malaria; I took a lot of time before he realized that it was Tuberculosis. During the time of this illness, God manifested himself mightily in his life, it was him God in his life that made me reconsider my ways and then I asked Jesus in my life. Jesus told us before he left that he will send the comforter who is going to be like God in man. I f you think the gift of the Holy Ghost is impossible then I want you to know that the moment you asked Jesus into your life, you got a measure of the holy spirit in you. But just life fuel runs out, you need to keep asking for the Holy Spirit every day. Then he will give you strength for the day.
What s going on September 15, 2010;
I’ve not been feeling well in my body for the past three days and last night, I got really fed up. I almost live alone(I was sick and alone, if you know how that feels), so I tried calling everyone my phone had credit to call, but no one gave me a positive answer
One of the most powerful statements to put the devil on the run is “THY WILL BE DONE”. This usually means that no matter what you are going through, you don’t grumble, all you do is tell Jesus your situation. His thoughts towards you are good so do not be afraid that he is just going to leave you to rot.
SO I committed all that I was feeling to God and apologized for being too busy with my life and neglecting him. And then I saw a sign. I was incredibly hot and shivering and then light came and the fan started working and I started giving glory to God. The light went back off and I knew I was not supposed to trust in anything except God. Then I made a statement (“Thy will be done”) and the light came back on, I did some chores that involved me touching water, while listening to songs of worship, my spirit was heavy to document this. GOD IS TRULY GREAT