Innovation in Uyo part 1

Uyo, the Akwa Ibom capital has been actively innovating. Their love for information is astounding, in the capital city alone, there are over 80 news paper vendors. Each competing fiercely to give The Ibibio speaking people the latest gist on entertainment, politics, lifestyle and other subjects  In this post, I will be sharing some of the products that have moved past idea and have started working in Uyo.

1. On Nigeria

On Nigeria is a collection of Stock Nigerian Photographs, it has a vision to be the primary source of stock photographs in Nigeria, currently, they are running a competition where you could win up to N500, 000 for uploading a picture, more information is available on their website . It is interesting to not that On Nigeria has recieved funding from the government funded


This product is a live streaming service that is available via the web, android, blackberry os 5 and greater. The company has made it a duty to cover events and interesting activities and offer a live stream to their viewers. currently covers music, sports, tvshows and other events so give them a call. More information can be found on their simple website