Hurray Its September

Yeah it‘s me again. It looks like I’ve skipped a few lines or more like a dozen weeks without writing about myself. Today Saturday 19 2009 has a whole lot to tell about how my life has been lately, I mean I have been trying for ages to come out of this problem I got myself into, I don’t know if it was directly or just the manipulation of the enemy but whichever way I look at look at the source from I doesn’t give me the solution I need. It is just like my first bad habit, I’m trying to live without it but I can’t just give it but. Even though it always means trouble after a couple minutes of complete ecstasy, I still want to stop. Exactly a week and three days ago I made a pact with myself never to do it again. It worked for a week and then I fell. Two weeks earlier I also made a pact which I was not also able to keep with myself. Taking the problem from the root where it started, I’m still not sure if it’s a curse from my family line, or something I picked up when I was about finishing school, when I watched my first x-rated movie. Anyways, there always when I make a pact with myself I’ve always done it for myself. That could have been the problem and now I’m going to make the pact with God. Have I mentioned that it is really hard for me to complete any project I start, no matter how greasy the end looks like? Well I think that one of the first things I’ll do before making any pact is to commit it into the hands of the almighty God who made the heavens and the earth. The God who is the same yesterday, today and forever, whose words have never been changed. The God who sees beyond the human eye and whose percepts are beyond the Human understanding. I have a problem of not knowing what God wants me to do, but Last Sunday, My Church leader Bishop David Oyedepo told us that the bible is the creator’s manual. So for me to complete any project at all, I must first connect myself with the creator’s manual.
Tomorrow is Sunday, the dawn of a new beginning in my life