How not to build your portfolio part one - Don't start coding

Sometimes you want to show someone what you have been working on for the past few years and you think that your resume does not represent all that you have been doing. If you are in this situation like I am, then it's time to build a portfolio.

Tomiwa Ijaware's Portfolio website.

Tomiwa Ijaware's Portfolio website.

Imagine her clicking on your website.

Just imagine you had this amazing person who wanted to learn more about you. You have spoken a lot about how awesome you are and now it is time to show it. to do so, you need to have a website that says one simple thing. What have you been up to.

Integrate Google Analytics

Now you do not need to imagine what she is doing, because you can see what she is doing and even see it for free. Please tell me you hooked up GA to your website. I didn't but you should.

Nice UI - Polymer Starter Kit

This is an awesome kit that greatly improves the look of your website. you can focus on what's important. For example, now that I have this view up, my next target is to allow engagement.