God Loves You

I’ve really started to know who God really is and I believe the purpose for my life is finally unfolding, the reason why I can do all the thing s I can do, the reason why I’m living, his banner of love over me, his unending faithfulness, the millions of times he has forgiven me even though I promised him to always be faithful. I could go on in here but His praise will always be in my heart and on my lips. One year ago, I never thought that I would be the one to write this kind of words but I guess it has been pre-ordained for me to do so. Yesterday, I missed fellowship because I had to do a lot of cleaning up and tidying, I’ve been broke for some time and I noticed that anytime I’m out of money, my life always seem to appear in shambles, I am always depressed over something that is not in my power to control and I naturally drive people away from me. I know this is not a good confession but that is the truth and I want to change it. I think the first step to change is acknowledging the fact that a problem does exist and try to find the solution. Most people when in crisis try to meet their friends. But from experience I’d sayRead more »