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From the Beginners Corner

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Everyone wants to be the next badass. Not just any bad ass, the kind that builds awesome web products and becomes the next Facebook. I want to be a badass too so Hey. Let’s take a breather.

First things first

Massive knowledge mining: I have this dude I’ve been trying to teach the ways of JavaScript. At that time, I was totally into Angular JS, I still am. I decided to give him this killer ninja style material on angular and asked him setup a blank angular app with yeoman. One week went by and He came telling me that He has read about it but hasn’t written a line of code. That brings the question.What is the First thing you have a newbie do? I’ve been fighting the answer to this question, I know you have the answer, so please tell me about it at the end. So I direct this guy to codecademy. I believe that website will totally serve him with killerbytes, a kantana, a bunch of sheriukens and more to get him started. So Step I is learn

My first point here (I mean second) is Explore, setting up a new framework on your PC won’t hurt, so why ain’t you doing it. Don’t come running to me cos I won’t be able to help you that way, I want you to at least understand the language you are dealing with. Tinker with your browser console, checkout other products, the open source ones and look at their source.My other first point is get something you’ll like to work on, get a simple idea… The simpler, the better, is it a todo app, get it. Hey no offence c++, c or all you bad guy programmers, I love the easy stuff. That’s why it is called easy. This app you want to build is something any mentor of yours will find. This point here is to remain proactive at all times, you don’t want someone to boss you around, show you everything, if you want that, go to school, I’m sure there are tonnes of hack schools out there who would accept you in a breeze for a fee and of course a cool profile which if you might not happen to have yet. So quit lobbying me around and get your proactive self on deck and lets pump some killerbytes in you.My final words are these.Be a Learner, Be IndependentExplore until you break somethingBe proactive, It’s the only thing that keeps pushing you up the ladder

Finally, If you like this, share it, if you don’t, post a comment, lets discuss.