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From Django to Flask

Today, One of my favorite mentors created a startup in django and moved it to flask, more of that story is  but here's my version of the story.
I started anything with python after a short presentation at Devfest Lagos 2010. At that event, I learnt how to bootstrap a simple web application in a few minutes, with under 20lines of code, I was super amazed and since then, I have been encouraging everyone to learn python.

I claim to be a web developer and that pushes a lot of projects my way, I initially wanted to do everything with appengine until I discovered django. Django is a web development framework for perfectionists with a deadline ... I mean... that's the perfect way to get me hooked.

Anyways, I got into building websites with django and I got to love django-admin, heroku is my friend, so is sendgrid and celery (don't worry if you don't know what they mean) unitl something happened

Traclist was like my applications originally built with django, but the founder of this startup has decided to migrate it to something faster, Why would anyone think Django is not fast?

His startup explains with significantly more data some of the pains of scaling a django application.

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