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FIx your SSHD Cache Drive

How to Fix your SSHD

If you are like me and erased your entire harddrive, and you no longer have rapid response working, here's how to get it back1. Run the diskmgmt.msc command and delete all partitions from your SSD2. Shrink your primary Harddrive by 200mb3. Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology4. Launch Intel Rapid Storage technology5. Click on the Create Button and Follow the Prompt.
If this process does not work, leave me a commentFor a while now, Intel has been producing computers with much faster read/write speeds. This is made possible by pairing a relatively slow and cheap hard drive with a small and really fast solid state drive, SSD. The SSD provides really fast read/writes by caching frequently accessed data, which gives you a burst of up 10x your HDD speed.
If your computer has this, you;d see something like 19/24/32Gb SSD Cache depending on how generous your manufacturer is.

Managing SSHDs

Intel provides two bits of software for managing

  1. Intel Rapid Start, Usually available at the BIOS
  2. Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Rapid Start allows your computer boot up in seconds by storing windows boot information on the faster SSD drive.
Rapid Storage Provides you with Rapid Response Technology. Rapid Response Technology is what Intel uses to speedup harddrive read/write