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Design is Teachable

Here I am looking at this beautiful article on web design. for some years now,I've been struggling with terrible designs. I've searched through several blog articles. I just don't see myself in tune with design. If you are this person, you might find what I want to write now interesting.
My journey as a programmer started at age 9 when I ran my first Qbasic program. I felt so awesome. I was on top of the world. I told everyone about it. my friends, my sister almost anyone with an ear to listen. Now my satisfaction was gone, I continued experimenting, trying to get more difficult task done by the interpreter. I felt pretty successful for my age and time. Little did I know that that was the beginning of my programming mishap. before I go in details Let me review the article that gave me hope

Bridging the Gap Between Development and Design

“Design is teachable.”

What’s that, you say? But what if I don’t have the eye for it? What if I don’t have the natural talent? Doesn’t matter, she says.

“There are rules to be followed. It’s about solving problems, not just personal preference, or what you think looks good.”

Hmm, I like rules. I can follow rules. There are a lot of rules to development as well. Maybe she’s on to something.

“It’s not magic.”

And that is what got me so excited.