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Day 1: Update my ghost Blog #100DaysOfCode

It turns out that finding meaningful work to contribute is a daunting task.

I have checked out Free Code Camp and it does not contain the competencies that I am looking forward to build. Don't get me wrong, I have not mastered all topics covered in Free Code Camp.

The next stop was DataCamp, which I found by googling Kaggle tutorials. The intro video seemed promising. I have always wanted to master plotting in python and the first video marketed that I could create a really cool chart by the end of the chapter.

I was excited to follow through till I hit the next roadblock. If all the code is going to reside on data camp, h0w do I get it to github, or better yet, how do I ensure that people can use it. I guess the separation here would be that I write the code in a repository and write a simple guide for running the code that I put there. See... It really pays to write.

Wow... It's been 4hrs since I wrote the last one. My blog was using an oldish version of ghost. After toiling and installing a vm, I finally got it upgraded. This took more of copying and pasting than actual coding, so I wonder what the folks doing this challenge feel about it.
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