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Application failed to initalize.(0xc000007b) by e911miri

Application failed to initalize.
I encountered this error a couple of weeks ago, first I noticed that every application I complied with Visual studio 2010 RC gave an "application is missing a file or manifest"  and later, every project built with MSBuild, and finally every c# application compiled with csc, after a while, a lot of exe's stopped working giving me this error but special thanks to microsoft for including peverify in the .net SDK, I tried peverify and used the "/hresult" extension and this time the error was 0xc0080007b which when I looked up meant "bad image format", It was then I knew a virus, a  worm or something was writting something malicious in all my files and whatever that thing was, it had adminstrative priviledges. Now my delima, My computer ran on full admin, and the virus or whatever malicious code it was must have crippled my System32 folder. so My best option or at least what I did, was create another partition, install windows 7 and did a thorough scan of my system director, the anitvirus I used, althought healed my computer but left it in a state where it was next to useless. so I did a system files check and got all system files back up and then my system was as good as new